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As with other rooms in your home, the bathroom needs proper care and maintenance to remain appealing and functional. Some people, however, want to move beyond mere function, starting with a complete overhaul of their bathroom’s current design. These remodeling projects serve as an opportunity to modernize the bathroom and create a place of relaxation.DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen, your bathroom cabinets refacing contractor in this area, shares some ideas about modern bathroom design elements in today’s post.

Modern Bathroom Concepts to Consider When Remodeling

Heated Ceramic Flooring

Designing a cozy bathroom is one of the most challenging aspects of remodeling. Fortunately, heated ceramic flooring makes it easy by helping maintain a comfortable temperature in your bathroom. With this new feature, you can enjoy a nice, warm bath or shower without worrying about stepping onto ice-cold tiles when you get out.

Open Design Plan

What does it mean to have an open design plan for your bathroom? It involves a contemporary layout, with glass walls around the shower that make the room appear more spacious. An open design plan creates a seamless transition between the shower and the remaining areas of your bathroom, making it an ideal style for bathrooms with limited space.

Minimalist White

White is a timeless bathroom color that promotes a bright, airy vibe. Match white fixtures with wall tiles of the same color to create a minimalist look. Use mirrors to decorate your white bathroom, with a contrasting floor color to avoid blandness.

As a bathroom design consultation specialist, DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen can help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing the best colors and materials for your remodeling project.

Pebble Wall

Pebbles are naturally waterproof, which makes them perfect for your bathroom. While it may be an unconventional material for your shower wall, this unique design element will also add texture and depth to the room.

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