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There are few things that can have a greater visual impact on your central Connecticut home than new kitchen countertops and backsplash. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we have to knowledge in in-home experience to help you choose your prefect new countertop, and get it installed perfectly.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a new countertop. A visit to our 8000 square foot Newington design center let you touch and feel all of the materials and colors of your different countertop materials.

Countertop Options

Based on your budget and style, there are an almost infinite number of choices for your new kitchen countertop. In addition to budget, the ongoing maintenance required, weight, and durability should all be considered. Common countertop materials include:

Material Cost Weight Ongoing Maintenance Durability
Laminate $ Light Maintenance Free Subject to heat and scratch damage
Ceramic Tile $$ Light Grout-line sealing & cleaning Tiles can crack with impact
Wood $$$ Moderate Re-sealing or oiling required Knife and heat damage
Concrete $$$ Very Heavy Re-sealing or oiling Staining possible
Quartz $$$ Heavy Maintenance Free Very Durable
Stainless Steel $$$$ Moderate Maintenance Free Very Durable
Marble $$$$ Heavy May need re-sealing Softer and porous, can be stained
Granite $$$$ Heavy Almost Maintenance Free May need to be re-sealed
Soapstone $$$$ Heavy Frequent Oiling Maybe scratch or dent

Within each of the choices above there are literally thousands of colors, textures and patterns available. Our professional design team can help you decide the best material and color for your project.

Countertop Edging

Once you have decided on a new countertop material, for quartz, stone, or wood countertops you also should consider an edge treatment. There are commonly over a dozen countertop edges to choose from. The edge can complete the style of your dream kitchen. Popular edge profiles include:

  • Flat polish: a clean simple edge profile
  • Bevel: A 45° angled edge is standard, but can be customized to other angles
  • Full Bullnose: Sooth fully rounded edge on the top and underside of your countertop
  • Half Bullnose: Smooth rounded top edge of your countertop

Other custom edges like Ogee, Dupont, or Triple Pencil Edge are examples of additional choices. At our 8000 square foot Newington, CT Design Center we can show you examples of available styles to help you decide.

Other Choices

More often than not, this is a great time to consider a new kitchen sink and faucet combination. We offer a board range of modern styles that are sure to enhance your new kitchen countertops.

The Replacement Process

First, careful measurement on your kitchen is critical. Our kitchen specialist will precisely measure your kitchen to ensure your new countertops fit perfectly.

If you are considering a heavy material like natural stone, quartz, or concrete, we'll also carefully evaluate your existing kitchen cabinets to ensure they can support the weight of your new countertops. We'll also consider the floor structure of your kitchen to consider if further structural evaluation is necessary to ensure a trouble free installation of your new stone, quartz, or concrete kitchen countertops.


For most installations, we can complete the installation of your new kitchen countertops in one day. For larger kitchens, or more complicated installations installation can extend to several days.

Our installation crew will arrive on time. They will carefully remove and dispose of your old countertop. Then they will install you new countertop system and ensure that it is properly installed and sealed in place.

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