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One of the biggest considerations during a bathroom design consultation is the tile design. Not only will an elegant design make the bathroom easier on the eyes, but it will also go a long way towards improving your home’s overall value. So, whenever our clients ask us for our opinion, we share these tips:

Elegant Tile Designs to Consider for Your Bathroom

Focus on the Floor

An ornate tile design on the floor adds a touch of class to the bathroom, creating a rich focal point. Consider a set of tiles that form a geometric pattern on the floor with this design option. Or you may opt for a set that creates a singular image.

Uniformity Is Advantageous

Alternatively, a uniform tile set for the walls and a simple, matching design for the floor will give your bathroom a cohesive aesthetic that results in an elegant and calming ambiance. The key is finding the right tile pattern. Through our bathroom remodeling services, you can find a set that reflects your personality and complements the other components of your home’s design.

Different Shades

A variation of the uniform design, choosing tiles of the same color but in varying shades throughout the bathroom will provide visual interest without overwhelming the eyes. This works great in bathrooms that get a lot of natural light, as the sunlight will further illuminate the variations of color throughout the tilework.


At the end of the day, going with a simple design of plain, clean tiles gives you plenty of legroom to focus on the other aspects of the bathroom. For example, if you’re planning on conducting a bathroom cabinets refacing project, having a simple yet tasteful tile design will let you get creative with the finished cabinets.

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