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One of the most common goals our clients have when pursuing interior remodeling services is improving the aesthetic appeal and atmosphere of the kitchen. In today’s post, we‚Äôve put together a short list of tips for making your kitchen feel less monotonous and dull.

Add Color and Light to Your Kitchen With These Ideas

Experiment With Fixtures

Sometimes, the simplest way to add light to your kitchen is to figure out why your current lighting is not good enough. Is there a lack of natural light in the space? Are there enough lighting fixtures throughout the kitchen, and do these fixtures add to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, or do they look too cold?

Once you’ve given this some thought, you will have a better idea about how to approach the question of improving the lighting situation. One great way of addressing this is to add colorful drop lights. This will bring the light closer to your preparation areas, and having more color will also add some visual variety to the kitchen.

Experiment With Color

Talk to your remodeling contractor about adding some color to your kitchen’s surfaces. This is a great way to remove any signs of the accumulated years, and will be a great catalyst for brightening up the room.

In particular, try to identify areas of your kitchen you’d like to turn into a focal point. For example, you may want to color the island table, or set up colorful bar stools around it to add a little variety. And if your backsplash takes up a great part of one wall, perhaps covering it with a colorful wallpaper will be just the thing your kitchen needs.


Sometimes, the best way to add color to your kitchen means working with accessories. Not only will this break the monotony of your kitchen’s design, but it will also add some personality to the room.

The simplest accessory you can add is a colorful rug on the floor, or window curtains with interesting hues. These additions are multipurpose and easily changeable, which means you can adjust them at your pleasure.

If you’re interested in more semi-permanent accessories, turning a bare wall into a display gallery can be a great way to make you kitchen walls a lot less boring. Or you might consider repurposing old but serviceable cabinets as display cases. Ask your cabinet refacing expert for help on getting this done. You might be surprised how old cabinets can become instant focal points.

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