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While many homeowners are switching to modern kitchen layouts, some people still prefer classic styles that offer a warm, homey feeling. To help create a traditional kitchen design, DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen shares five ideas you can incorporate into your upcoming kitchen remodel.

5 Ways to Achieve a Classic Look for Your Kitchen

1. White or Cream Cabinetry

You can never go wrong with white or cream-colored cabinets when it comes to your kitchen. They give the room a timeless look that blends well with both modern and traditional kitchen design. This combination of colors is also one of the defining features of a classic kitchen layout.

2. Simple Interior Details

A contemporary kitchen design often consists of legs on islands, furniture toe kicks, crown molding and even a paneled hood. These, however, are not common in traditional kitchens. Note that classic kitchen design emphasizes simplicity rather than over-the-top ornamentation.

3. Neutral Palettes

Since traditional kitchen cabinets tend to be painted in white and cream colors, it makes perfect sense to use neutral tones for the walls and other design elements. These colors include black, white, gray, beige and brown. To avoid making the room too monotonous, try a mix-and-match design approach using your favorite neutral colors.

4. Accented Backsplash

Incorporate an accented backsplash to help create contrast and add more character to your kitchen. For instance, blue-glazed tiles can be used to accentuate a wall area, while brown-tinted grout can be used to highlight divots.

5. Breakfast Nook by the Bay Window

If your kitchen has a bay window, consider adding a delightful little breakfast nook. Not only will it make the perfect focal point for your classic kitchen, the cozy vibe it brings will make the kitchen everyone’s favorite room in the house.

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