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Book Your Free One Hour Showroom Design Consultation
Book Your Free One Hour Showroom Design Consultation
Book Your Free One Hour Showroom Design Consultation

Bathroom Remodeling & Kitchen Remodeling Services for Homeowners In Central Connecticut

Let us help you build your dream kitchen or bathroom

Use our simple financing options to help you make your dream kitchen or bath a reality.

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The DreamMaker Process

With a dedication to superior craftsmanship and ethical excellence, our specialists are committed to delivering a design that meets your specific needs, while communicating consistently throughout the entire process. You can feel secure that your project will be completed in the most efficient manner possible with minimal disruption to your life.

STEP 1 - Show Room Visit & Design Consultation
We ask our clients to come to our Design Center for our first meeting.

The DreamMaker Newington Design Center is where you can view, touch and compare the items that will be used in your bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel. DreamMaker Newington is committed to ensuring that our clients explore all the available bathroom and kitchen remodeling options open to them, so come explore with DreamMaker!

Visiting the DreamMaker Design Center encourages you to:

  • Explore the many options available to you by walking through our Design Center (Start dreaming!)
  • Meet the people who would be working on your project
  • Get a better feel for how the entire remodeling or redesign process works for your bathroom or kitchen
  • Get to know the DreamMaker staff and build a solid working relationship built on trust that will result in your redesign project being everything you‚Äôve dreamed!


STEP 2 - Home Survey & Measurements
A DreamMaker designer will visit your home to complete a home survey which includes, measurements, photos, and looking for any plumbing, electrical or structural issues that could affect the project.

The more information your DreamMaker designer has, the more detailed and precise your initial estimate is going to be.

STEP 3 - Initial Design & Proposed Budget
Based on our prior discussions, we will show you design ideas along with a corresponding budget range that will incorporate your project objectives.

Hopefully, we have hit the mark and you are ready to formally start the detailed design process.  If not, necessary changes to scope of work or budget can be established before moving on. To move forward, a design retainer is required.  As we make this commitment, the defined scope of work with corresponding budget range ensures we all have the same expectations (hence, no surprises!)

STEP 4 - Material Selection
Our designer will guide you through the design and selection process, hashing through all of your ideas,  to bring your vision to life.  At this point we solidify the design all the way down to the sheen of the paint.  Most of the time, this is done within our showroom.
STEP 5 - Contract
Good communication!  The contract is an integral part of communication providing clear understanding for you and for us of the expectations of the project.  This will include start date, payment schedule, expected number of days needed to complete your project, and any necessary drawings and documents.
STEP 6 - Project Build Out & Completion
This is when the action happens and we deliver!  We will schedule a Pre-Production Walk Through where you will be introduced to our Production Manager and the Lead Carpenter responsible for work in your home.  Your Lead Carpenter will be your main contact throughout the entire process; communicating daily work schedules and ensuring that the final product is all you envisioned it to be.

Not Your Mother’s Oven

The simple, dumb oven that can only cook food at a single predetermined temperature (or close enough, if you’re lucky) is quickly being replaced by a new generation of advanced, computerized gizmos. These new, smart appliances may look like your mother’s oven, but most can do the work of your mom, your dad, and a couple of professional chefs combined.

Coordinating Kitchen Colors

Of all the design issues you face when you are creating a new kitchen the least understood may be how to choose colors that harmonize with each other. Each color you like may look divine on its own, but the whole design can be thrown off if it does not work with the whole.

Schedule a free one hour design consultation at our Newington, CT showroom & design center.

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